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  • Going Green!

    We have set up this blog to review and promote the best green products that we come across.

    Some of the posts will be articles and reviews related to eco suppliers and products sold on the Green Emporium website and we will use these pages to give more information and tips than there is space for on the website.

    Other posts will be about things that are not on our website but will be green, eco or ethically produced products or services that we are impressed with or articles related to environmental issues, conservation and the natural world that we want to share.

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Green Emporium Shop Opening

Fab news, we will be opening a Green Emporium shop in Sherwood this autumn. The shop at Number 5 Haydn Road will be ours from 3rd October 2014. Hopefully the premises will be in good condition and we will just be able to smarten it up with some furniture and a lick of paint, add … Continue reading

Review Sea-Band

Useful for any type of nausea – travel sickness, morning sickness, migraine nausea, these stretchy wristbands work by acupressure. A domed bead embedded in each wristband presses very gently onto the acupressure point called The Nei-Kuan Point, which is located on the inside of the wrists approx 5-6cm up from the wrist crease and which … Continue reading

Review: Method versus Ecover Toilet Cleaner

How to clean the loo without bleach? Will keep this one nice and short! Ecover and Method make bleach-free loo cleaners, we’ve tested them and both products seem to work fine, in that they clean the loo without chlorine bleach. The Ecover pine fresh toilet cleaner that we tried mainly smells of Eucalyptus and we’ve … Continue reading

Faith Dishwasher Gel versus Ecover Dishwasher Tablets

Like many busy people nowadays, we have a dishwasher which we try to use as efficiently as possible, both for cost and for and energy / detergent / water usage. Have been using Ecover Dishwasher Tablets for some time now and much prefer them to the non-green brands as they seem much less harsh on … Continue reading

Review, Natural Laundry Liquids

We have tried some of the natural laundry liquids on the market and this is what we found. None of these laundry liquids contains bleach so for a white wash it is advisable to use a bleach such as Ecover’s powder bleach,  which is chlorine-free.   Ecover Non-bio Laundry Liquid A good all-round washing detergent, … Continue reading

Where to find us this Christmas

Green Emporium Events Christmas update: We love to bring the Green Emporium pop-up shop to local events, still tying up a few last dates but these are the Christmas events that we are planning to trade at: November 2013: Friday 22nd – Saturday 23rd November – West Bridgford Christmas Fair with the Arts & Crafts … Continue reading

Review: Riverford Organic Veg Boxes

Although we love to support local businesses and shop locally, the lack of Organic fresh produce available locally lead us to start looking at Organic veg box delivery schemes. The choices we had included the local branch of Riverford, Abel & Cole, Trinity Farm, which is a fairly local independent Bio-dynamic farm in Cossall, near … Continue reading